Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Months To Go

Things are happening so super quick now, it's hard to keep up.   

Monday Jeff from Adair came out and did his moisture readings...
we were dry!!! 

Super quick!
We rented an industrial dehumidifier and a propane heater, it only took 4 days to dry out.

We went out yesterday and cleaned up the construction mess.  Took us about 5 hours, just Josh and I.

What else...
Front and back doors are in
Rough Plumbing and electrical is done
Power is hooked up to the house
The garage slab is done
The gutters are on

What's next?

The framers have a few corrections to make
Water and Septic will be hooked up today or tomorrow.
Josh will install the rain drains tomorrow.
( Because of the massive amount of water we've had behind the house, we've opted to install a curtain drain too.  Which will help prevent water from getting under the house.)
Insulation is supposed to start on Wednesday.
We can start caulking the exterior.

Phase II begins with the insulation.  Phase II takes about 50 days, which puts our finish date around August 6th!!

Super Duper WOWZER!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Phase One Complete!

We got a call from Adair on Tuesday...

They will be ready for us to start drying out the house out today!

Josh is renting a dehumidifier, fans and a heater.

The foundation was poured on May 6.  They told it would take 33 days to complete the foundation, framing, rough plumbing, and rough electrical.  The plumbing and electrical will be done early next week, so we're right on track.

what's next?

We're in charge of:
  • Site clean-up
  • permanent hook up of water, power and septic to the house
  • Drying out the house 
  • Rain drains and back filling
  • and, if the rain ever stops - painting and sealing the exterior.

Once the house is dry, they'll move on to Phase II - which starts with insulation and sheet rock. 

From the beginning of Phase II to Move In is between 45-50 days.  We're going to do our best to get our stuff done as quickly as possible!

It's all happening so quickly!

Week Four

It was certainly a busy week!  So much has happened!

We went out on Friday. 

Look!  a roof!

Our windows and doors had been delivered! 

They were working on the inside framing:

looking in from the front door.

dining room from the kitchen.

looking down the hallway

The main bath.

and the rafters.

When we went back out on Sunday:

The framing was finished, windows set in place and most of the wrap was done!
Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

Super quick.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Week Three

Week Three Recap

I had hoped to recieve an update email or call from Adair at some point during the week, but no news is good news, right?

We were in the area on Wednesday and stopped by to see if there had been any progress.  Nothing had changed with the building, but we did see that our shower and tub had been delivered!

Which reminded us that we forgot to ask if the shower head is at a standard height, or if we could adjust it.  (Josh is 6'2")

Josh sent Les an email on Wednesday, but so far we haven't gotten a response.  (Today is Monday).

Sunday we took the family out to see if anything had happened. 

We have walls!  and floors!

Here's the back wall, with the kitchen window, utilty room door and the master bath window.

Here's Tess "in" her room.

The front wall.


A progress shot.

so exciting!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week Two

Week Two Recap!

The underfloor framing and underfloor plumbing are in, and passed inspection on Friday.

a view from under the framing.

See those little sticky-up bits?  that's all the plumbing stuff.

The garage gravel was delivered and packed. it looks nice.

More materials were delivered!  Floors, walls....

and a pile of scraps and garbage.

We took out a couple of trash cans.  We totally don't expect them to get used, but hey, if they're there they might toss garage in the garbage. It's our responsibility to clean up the job site, which is totally okay by us.

Yeah for week two!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week One

Week One Recap -

The foundation forms were up and the inspector came out.  She noticed that we had added rock to the south eastern corner, and wanted a compaction test.

What?  a compaction test? 

all work had to stop.

We talked to our excavator, who said that in all his years of doing this, he'd never had anyone question his fill.  The county can require a compaction test when you add more than 12" of fill.  There is 15" of fill in that corner.


Since the forms were up, they couldn't do the normal test (whatever that is)  instead they had to dig out a sample, dry it out overnight and magically test it. (I'm sure it's not actual magic...)

We got the verbal results.  The fill is fine.  We will have the official document at the site on Monday.  We should be back on track.

Jeff installed our septic system and had it inspected and approved.

The foundation was poured!!
Josh called Les at Adair to find out if we are going to be charged for the delay. He didn't think so.

The forms were removed.

We went out and took a look!

I'm standing on our front door!

Plan for Week Two?

Monday the garage fill will be brought out, Tuesday materials will arrive, and Wednesday framing begins!!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Construction Outline

At our meeting, Les explained the construction process in more detail, which was very helpful.  Basically Adair breaks it into 3 parts.

Phase 1 includes the foundation, framing, rough plumbing, roofing, and rough electrical.  He explained that this usually takes about 33 days.

next - there's the middle part - which includes drying out the house, inspections and utility connections.  Because these tasks are part of the home owner's responsibility, the time this takes is up to us and can vary substantially.

Finally - Phase 2 - which includes insulation, Sheetrock, painting, and finishing.  This takes about 45-55 days.

It was great to have him break it down like this.  I know that they aren't hard numbers, but it's nice to have a guess about when things will happen.

I'm totally ready to get going!